About Us

NS Tech is a new division of the century-old and globally respected New Statesman.

Our mission is to dig beneath the surface of the technology industry for senior executives and decision-makers who are increasingly asked to do more, better.

We are interested in what drives the public sector towards certain suppliers and what makes private sector enterprise computing tick, of course – but so is everybody else.

What really interests us is exploring what lies behind the big issues.

  • Digital transformation in the internet of everything
  • Skills, from the c-suite to new recruits
  • Disruptors upending traditional suppliers

The NS has a long history of talking to people at the top of business, politics and culture, and explaining how their views will affect the wider world.

NS Tech is applying the same rigour when supporting our new readership of IT professionals in enterprise-level companies.

On NS Tech you’ll find:

* Up-to-date news and insights
* Analysis to offer you the bigger picture of what’s going on
* Case studies from your contemporaries in the real world
* Video – listen and watch the body language of industry leaders as we quiz them on what’s happening

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