White Papers: Cloud

Public, private and hybrid clouds are vital to the modern technology professional – we examine the issues and consider the business cases.

Live Webinar: 25th April

Following on the success of our ‘How to become GDPR compliant webinar with Austen Clark, MD of Clark IT and GDPR Assessor, we are pleased to bring you a part two in the GDPR MSP webinar series. In this one-hour webinar, Austen Clark will be providing detailed, practical steps in several key MSP areas.

Rubrik Guide to Public Cloud

THE UNSTOPPABLE RISE OF PUBLIC CLOUD According to IDC, more than 80% of IT organizations will be committed to hybrid cloud architectures by the end of 2017. Companies born in the ‘cloud era’, such as Airbnb, Slack, and Snapchat, have utilized public cloud since inception. Blue-chip companies are no different. Boeing announced Azure as the […]

Accelerate GDPR Compliance with Rubrik

NEW DATA PRIVACY REGULATION WITH A GLOBAL IMPACT On May 25, 2018, any company that processes data around EU citizens, regardless of the company’s location, will be impacted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The wide-reaching regulation aims to standardize data privacy laws across Europe, protect EU citizen data privacy, and reshape how companies […]

A Modern Approach to Multi-Factor Authentication

Looking to Implement Multi-Factor Authentication for the First Time? With the rise in cyber Crime, it’s no surprise. The growing use of Remote access to Conduct business has Increased the threat Of identity theft – An increase that is Astonishing in both Speed and complexity. According to PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey 2016, […]

Selecting a Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Keeping up with the Times The Internet’s black market means big business for cyber criminals who relentlessly steal or destroy personal and corporate data. Many Organizations are still relying on the 20-year old technology behind two-factor authentication for protection; however, it is simply not up to the challenge.

Managed Services: Why It’s Good for Business

The only constant is change, and when technology is involved, change occurs at the speed of light. Is it any wonder that businesses look outside for IT help and expertise? As security threats grow and technology becomes more complex, more companies are outsourcing their IT management and maintenance functions. IT service providers are responding to […]

The Value-Added Resellers Guide to an EFFECTIVE PRICING STRATEGY

Maximize Profit with ConnectWise Sell Price Management Tools Smart pricing based on a sound strategy is fundamental to the success of your business. Can you afford to keep your business running without implementing a pricing strategy? How are you planning to compete? Even one or two margin points have the potential to substantially impact your […]

Six Steps to Managed Services Success

As a technology provider, you have a team to support, business to manage, and distributor relationships to maintain, all while providing your customers with the best possible service—and remaining profitable. This also means budgeting and planning for the future. These can all be tough tasks to manage. Growth can be unpredictable and you may be […]

Cloud Computing Trends in China

Huge private sector investment, strong government backing and young talent are together rallying behind the growth of China’s cloud computing industry. In order to support these new business verticals, China is scaling up its IT infrastructure and technical expertise. However, rather than building large new server rooms or hiring teams of technicians to manage clunky […]