White Papers: Enterprise Tech

NS.tech considers the technology and trends that shape the enterprise and holds it together, from ERP to BYOD and beyond.

Dell PC lifecycle management e-guide

The Dell PC lifecycle management methodology is designed to help customers to make the change from IT maintenance to innovation, to take control of their PC infrastructure costs by enabling them to deploy, secure, manage and support their PCs with unparalleled efficiency, treating PC acquisition, usage and retirement as an integral part of IT and […]

Enterprise SaaS & Hidden Risks: What Every Director Should Know

When companies assign ownership of enterprise SaaS systems to functional business units instead of IT teams, they gain flexibility and control but they also raise their risk exposure. What are these hazards? And how can the chief executives and directors responsible for these areas manage these risks to ensure the company’s security, daily functioning, and […]

Detecting Ransomware in Real Time with Complete East-West Visibility

Ransomware has taken off as a low-risk, high-reward way for cybercriminals to make money. Increasingly, these criminals are targeting businesses, hoping to hold network shares or even entire file servers ransom for millions of dollars. The incident at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center at the beginning of 2016, where the hospital paid $17,000 in ransom to […]

Take Control of Your Data Center Migration & Consolidation Efforts with ExtraHop

IT environments are changing in response to both business events and technology shifts. These changes can be alarming for both IT and business stakeholders as you move applications that are very stable and don’t experience many service disruptions to new environments. Without the proper procedures and monitoring capabilities in place, these transitions can introduce substantial […]

Citrix Troubleshooting Guide: How to Stop the Blame Game

Citrix administrators have a problem: getting blamed. If you’ve been supporting a Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop deployment for any amount of time, you have likely been called in to troubleshoot a performance issue that turned out, after hours of investigation, to originate outside of Citrix.

How to Get More Signal, Less Noise for Your SIEM: Just Add Wire Data

Over the last two decades, enterprise security organizations have amassed a broad portfolio of tools that generate an ever-increasing amount of data: Next-gen firewalls, IDS/IPS, end-point protection systems, threat intelligence platforms, and others. Organizations rely on security incident and event management (SIEM) platforms to make sense of this information and surface threats that would otherwise […]

The next big thing: On-Demand Wide Area Networking

Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and 5G will trigger new dynamics in the carrier and networking market. The on-demand service concept is coming to the WAN. Users will love it; but, we are not there yet.

The Connected Enterprise

Enterprise Connectivity reflects the fast moving history of computing. So where are we now, and where are we going? In this age of cloud computing, of mission critical applications and 24/7 businesses, data communication has become crucial for enterprise continuity. Today, connectivity needs to fulfill the highest business requirements in the most exotic locations on […]

Digital Transformation: The Key to Building an Agile Insurer

This webinar will cover the digital transformation underway in insurance. Over half of all insurers have broad-based digital strategies according to SMA research. In the past, digital initiatives tended to be focused on individual departments or for specific projects. Today there is a compelling need for a comprehensive strategy to become more digital across the […]

Digital transformation – lessons learned

In a recent survey by Kable commissioned by Sopra Steria, 84% of UK enterprises surveyed believe that they could be making better use of digital technology to transform their organisation.