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Become the leader of the pack with Microsoft Dynamics 365

There is no getting away from it, digital transformation is part of every industry. The question is, will you be left standing or will you be the one to leave your competition behind? It is a matter of seeing digital opportunities, embracing them and taking advantage of them to bring about change. Organisations capable of […]

Expect More From Your Primary Storage

Why Adopting an Innovative Approach to Availability Pushes You to Look Beyond just Backup and Recovery Veeam makes the Fortune 500 Available 24.7.365 – AVAILABILITY for the Always-On Enterprise™

Veeam Software and Nimble Storage

Flash-optimized storage and integrated Availability for the Always-On Enterprise. The exponential growth of data and provisioned IT services is forcing businesses and enterprises of all sizes to rethink their Availability strategy. Through a host of new integrated features, Veeam® Backup & Replication™, paired with Nimble Storage, delivers a complete Availability solution capable of scaling backup […]


Confused about RTOs and RPOs? Fuzzy about failover and failback? Wondering about the advantages of continuous data protection over snapshots? Well, you are in the right place.The Disaster Recovery 101 guide will help you learn about DR from the ground up and assist you in making informed decisions when implementing your DR strategy, enabling you […]

The power of digital menu boards

Improve communication. Increase Revenue. Reduce Costs. Digital signage is a professional and simple way to import information, menus, latest news and promotions to your customers; keeping them up to date with clear, consistent and timely messages and promotions. Using digital signage effectively provides a new, dynamic way for you to connect with customers and helps […]

Solution brief: Protect your data from malicious ransomware threats

This data availability best practice is designed to ensure that all businesses effectively prepare for and avoid potential data loss and downtime from ransomware attacks. By following industry best practices, IT managers can avoid paying ransom and create a rock-solid data availability solution for day-today operations by leveraging both HPE and Veeam® software.

Best Practices for EMC VNX/VNXe and Data Domain with Veeam Availability Suite

When it comes to avoiding data loss, one of the best ways to meet this objective is to leverage storage systems to keep Availability levels high . Veeam introduced Backup from Storage Snapshots and Veeam Explorer™ for Storage Snapshots to address this need . The EMC VNX and VNXe series of hybrid flash storage are […]

Granular Recovery of Active Directory Objects

Microsoft Active Directory is a standard in corporate environments where policy-based management and easy scalability are required. It’s almost impossible to imagine how system administrators would be able to do their jobs effectively if LDAP protocol didn’t exist. Not only is Active Directory a great power, but it’s also a great responsibility — and it […]

Dell PC lifecycle management e-guide

The Dell PC lifecycle management methodology is designed to help customers to make the change from IT maintenance to innovation, to take control of their PC infrastructure costs by enabling them to deploy, secure, manage and support their PCs with unparalleled efficiency, treating PC acquisition, usage and retirement as an integral part of IT and […]

Enterprise SaaS & Hidden Risks: What Every Director Should Know

When companies assign ownership of enterprise SaaS systems to functional business units instead of IT teams, they gain flexibility and control but they also raise their risk exposure. What are these hazards? And how can the chief executives and directors responsible for these areas manage these risks to ensure the company’s security, daily functioning, and […]