Public, private and hybrid clouds are vital to the modern technology professional - we examine the issues and consider the business cases.
NS.tech considers the technology and trends that shape the enterprise and holds it together, from ERP to BYOD and beyond.
Cyber security is an ever-moving target, particularly as the enterprise's perimeter becomes more flexible in the mobile era and the threats evolve. Here we offer papers to help the IT security professional.
The public sector has its own requirements in terms of cost constraints and accountability. Here you will find papers that explore issues and advances.
Storage has ramifications both in terms of management strategy and physical technology. In this section we explore each individually and their intersection.
One of the biggest issues facing technology professionals at the moment is Big Data - data sets so vast and so complex that standard technology isn't big enough to handle it. We look at some of the latest developments.

The combination of two rapidly changing industries has given rise to a new generation of digital innovation, customer service and investment. From initially being start-ups in 2005, finetech groups provide the latest technologies whilst sidestepping regulatory restrictions of traditional banks. This section will provide you with the latest literature of the industry.

A wider selection of white papers to help technology seniors.