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Big Data will decide on pop playlists, too

Big Data is becoming pervasive in many ways, but this is an unexpected effect: it might one day influence pop radio music playlists.

This according to a report in the Financial Times, which takes a sardonic look at the prospects of music chosen by computers. It skates across, but only just, the fact that in the case of many streaming services this is already happening. Spotify knows what you’re listening to through its services; if you’ve linked your accounts so do Facebook and most of your friends on there.

In the same way that online bookshops can then throw selections at you based on your reading and browsing habits, the online music companies can work out what you’re likely to listen to at a given time very easily. It would be the work of a moment to construct a playlist based on this.

Whether this is a good thing or whether it takes the creativity out of this sort of list creation is a different question. It certainly illustrates how pervasive Big Data could become in a very short time.