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Ebay bids for Big Data specialist Expertmaker

Auction giant eBay has signalled that its activities will be directed by applied information more than they were previously with the acquisition of Big Data specialist Expertmaker.

Expertmaker offers intelligent systems based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Big Data analytics. The move marks another step in the progress of Big Data towards becoming mainstream technology. The acquired company will become part of eBay’s structured data and product technology team.

“As a part of eBay, Expertmaker’s technology, expertise and talented engineers will play an important role in helping advance eBay’s structured data initiative,” said Amit Menipaz, Vice President and General Manager of Structured Data at eBay. “eBay’s structured data effort is a multi-year journey, and we believe the innovation and significant expertise that Expertmaker brings to eBay will help us build a best-in-class product catalog and in turn better serve our customers.”

“Expertmaker is excited to join the eBay team, bringing innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning and large-scale optimization technology to eBay’s structured data initiative,” said Lars Hard, Founder and CEO of Expertmaker. “In partnership with eBay, we will be able to transcend traditional machine learning approaches to create adaptive and learning solutions using the Expertmaker platform.”