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Intel updates Big Data platform with Rackspace deal

Intel has revamped the Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP, its free open source Big Data analytics offering) through a deal with Rackspace. Information Week and others confirm that the system will now be available in one click from the Rackspace environment.

This will increase the availability of TAP, which can already be accessed through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OVH.

The virtue of TAP is that it can be in the public or private cloud, so testing can happen in a less secure and cheaper environment and then when sensitive, real information is implemented it can be taken into a more secure area.

One feature of TAP highlighted in the Information Week interview is the marketplace, in which users can share pieces of code they have developed for the operating environment. Recent history suggests this is the way to build a platform up as its functionality grows in ways that hadn’t previously been envisaged.

Meanwhile more distant history tells us that to make something an industry standard it can actually be a good idea to make it proprietary rather than publicly-owned; older readers will remember the early 1990s during which “open systems” based on Unix did battle with the Microsoft-controlled Windows to become an established technology in the enterprise. Both made serious headway and Unix still persists underpinning other systems, but Windows made the earlier gains and ended up looking more open than the “open” stuff.