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Is Big Data a good security measure?

Big Data was not always aimed at making corporations more resilient but that’s what it’s doing, says Computer Weekly. It refers to recent information from Business Application Research Centre (BARC),

The surveyed organisations were using Big Data security analytics and the majority reported a significant benefit.

These analytics are pretty much in the early-adoption phase and include user behaviour analytics, so if you’re lucky you’ll know when someone’s about to go rogue. 87% of respondents didn’t consider themselves very advanced in the use of analytics, and of this large group only 27% had deployed user analytics.

The systems watch for aberrant behaviours and aims to root them out and block them.

Your correspondent has two personal experiences where it’s gone wrong, however: first, I went for a business trip to America and promptly had my bank card blocked because I was trying to draw dollars out instead of pounds; second, when my mobile phone provider didn’t think it was at all odd that I’d suddenly ordered a second top-of-the-range iPhone, in a transaction confirmed only yesterday as a fraud after several months of paying-for-the-phone through my normal account had happened.

That’s the thing about analytics; you have to be asking the right question…