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Telenor Connexion launches Big Data analytics tool

Telenor Connexion has launched its ARTS (Advanced Real-time trouble shooting Tool Set) tool so that customers can take actual action on insights from Big Data. Aimed squarely at customers with Big Data devices, it should offer deeper insights into what’s actually going on in the customers’ market.

It works by offering information drawn from global mobile networks and connected devices, meaning information is in real time, to offer better revenues and the elusive competitive edge that every business wants. It should be able to analyse the data and predict events before they happen.

Verisure Securitas Direct, a European supplier of monitored alarms and connected services for the home and small business, has been using the system in beta: “Real-time insights have enabled us to predict the performance of our connected assets, allowing us to serve our customers even better and provide them with greater peace of mind,” said Johan Norén, Project Manager Connectivity at Verisure Securitas Direct, in a statement.

“Internet of Things (IoT) analytics can really drive value. ARTS provides our customers with a tool to understand the IoT data at their disposalsaid Mats Lundquist, CEO of Telenor Connexion. “It has the added benefit of reducing maintenance costs, generating savings and uncovering new revenue streams.”