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What worries people about Big Data?

A report has highlighted the main concerns about the Internet of Things has highlighted people’s main concerns about it, and inevitably it’s the sheer amount of data being collected. Known as Big Data, this agglomeration of information from social media and many other sources and soon from inanimate objects will be pushing information out about all of us very quickly.

The report, entitled State of the Internet of Things: What’s Leading Market Conversations from Argus Insights and reported on Research Live, is no trivial matter. It took sentiment from 2.3m users of social media and looked at the sort of thing they were saying, and it quickly came to the conclusion that the subject was ahead of wearable technology, smart homes, smart cities and just about anything else.

So far, so predictable, you might suggest. However it was quite noticeable that there was no focus on privacy. This tells us one of two things. Either the discussions taking place were such that “privacy” was taken as read, or the participants simply found it curious rather than alarming that so much information would soon be floating around. Our guess is that it’s the former.