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Belgium vows to sue Google over satellite images of military sites

Belgium is taking legal action against Google for allegedly failing to obscure satellite images of military bases, it emerged on Friday (28 Sept).

In a statement reported by Reuters, a spokesperson for the Belgian defence ministry said it would sue the US firm for not complying with requests regarding sensitive sites such as air bases and nuclear power plants.

“It’s a shame the Belgium Department of Defense have decided to take this decision,” said Google spokesperson Michiel Sallaets in a statement emailed to NS Tech. “We have been working closely with them for more than two years, making changes to our maps where asked and legal.”

The lawsuit would represent just the latest European legal battle facing Google. In July, the European Commission unveiled plans to fine the US tech giant €4.34bn (£3.87bn) for using its mobile operating system to bolster its position in the search engine market. Google is appealing the fine.