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British Red Cross CIO Rosie Slater-Carr targets carbon zero by 2025

British Red Cross CIO Rosie Slater-Carr has revealed the humanitarian charity is on a journey to become carbon zero “hopefully by 2025” as part of its 10-year strategy up to 2030.

The sustainability lead for the organisation, in addition to her role as chief information officer, Slater-Carr said that British Red Cross staff and volunteers making changes in their own lives would have to be supported by the more macro corporate changes to achieve the target.

At NS Media Group’s Virtual CIO Symposium – by NS Tech, CBR and the New Statesman – Slater-Carr was discussing how technology had underpinned the charity’s responses to the situation brought about by Covid-19 restrictions, developing its volunteer registration service, the culture which supports digital transformation initiatives and her role as the British Red Cross sustainability lead.

“We’ve just finished doing our 10-year strategy up to 2030,” she told NS Media Group technology editor Edward Qualtrough. “One of the commitments we made was to be carbon zero, hopefully by 2025, and in this first year our intention was really to explore ideas to make sure we’ve got the data we need.”

Slater-Carr said that with an initial focus on travel, the footprint of the institution’s buildings and single-use plastics, achieving carbon zero was also a core tenet of living the charity’s humanitarian mission.

“We know the contribution that green issues make to impact on people’s lives in terms of flooding and environmental disasters,” she said. “And so for us, it’s absolutely critical that we do all that we can to play our part in that.

“We are looking at how we encourage our staff, volunteers and supporters to make the changes in their lives, and it’s just a great time to be the executive with lead responsibility for that.

“We need to work out how we enable people to make lots of little changes, while also identifying the corporate changes that we need to make because we think that the answer is that you need to do both of those.”

You can view the full interview with British Red Cross CIO Rosie Slater-Carr on-demand at the Virtual CIO Symposium portal.