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Revealed: the highest paying tech companies in the UK

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook might be the world’s most valuable tech companies, but are they the highest paying? Not in the UK, according to new analysis commissioned by NS Tech.

Glassdoor, one of the largest job sites, number-crunched thousands of reported salaries at the eight highest paying tech companies in the country, and found a career at the enterprise software company SAP to be the most lucrative.

The German multinational pays its British staff an average base income of £73,000, with total compensation amounting to £134,000, making it the only company on the list to pay its average employee over six figures.

Facebook, which is regarded in the engineering community as the best paying tech firm in the UK, came in at second place. Its average base pay is £72,000, while total compensation amounts to £90,000.

Rank Employer Median Base (£) Median Total Compensation (£)
1 SAP 73,000 134,500
2 Facebook 72,000 90,000
3 Salesforce 68,000 79,000
4 Dell 67,500 77,000
5 Oracle 60,000 70,020
6 Microsoft 61,000 67,821
7 Google 55,500 67,500
8 Cisco System 55,000 66,005

But it is enterprise technology companies such as Salesforce, Dell, Oracle and Cisco that dominate the list, featuring in third, fourth, fifth and eighth place respectively. Microsoft, meanwhile, comes sixth and Google seventh.

Some might be surprised to find that Apple and Amazon, the two US firms racing to be crowned the world’s first trillion dollar company, do not appear on the list. However, this is likely to be because they both employ thousands of lower paid staff in retail and warehouse roles respectively.

Mark Di-Toro from Glassdoor said that salaries in the tech industry are more competitive now than ever before.

“High profile employers are fighting to get their hands on the very best talent,” he told NS Tech. “In some cases, they are prepared to pay whatever it takes as demand far outstrips supply in certain specialist roles such as software engineering and data science.

“Working in tech is particularly popular as employees can receive attractive stock options, lucrative bonuses and unparalleled workplace benefits which keep employees at the company for longer.”