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Five must-read stories from the intersection of tech, business and politics

From news details about the EU’s Digital Services Act to the biggest govtech deals of the last few days, here are the key development so far this week.

EU draft rules strike at the heart of Big Tech’s business model

The EU is planning to force Big Tech to share its data with smaller rivals, according to a draft version of the Digital Services Act, as Laurie Clarke reports.

Facebook oversight committee to launch before the US election

Facebook’s long-hyped oversight board, billed as a “supreme court” for content decisions, will finally launch in October ahead of the US presidential election on 3 November.

The biggest govtech deals of the week

In partnership with GlobalData, we’ve drilled down into the most valuable tenders and awards from the last seven days. Here’s what we found this week.

Poverty by algorithm

After the A-level results debacle, another flawed government calculation is now creating misery for welfare claimants, as Anoosh Chakelian reports for the New Statesman.