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Laurie Clarke


Fujitsu to cut office space in half amid Covid-19 pandemic

Fujitsu will cut its office space in half within three years, and make provisions for its 80,000 domestic employees to work remotely instead.

The company has said flexible and at-home working will become the standard in the post-Covid ‘new normal’ – saving a handsome sum on rent.

“We will overhaul our current work, allowance and welfare framework that is based on the assumption that employees commute to designated offices every day,” Hiroki Hiramatsu, head of the human resources unit, said at a news briefing.

Hiramatsu also signalled plans to set up satellite offices in areas where a lot of the company’s employees reside.

Rivals such as Hitachi, Toshiba and Sony have made similar arrangements for their staff.

From this month, instead of commuter passes, the company will give cash to employees to set up their environments for remote work.

If employees need to move for family purposes, they’ll be free to relocate, and stay in contact by telecommuting and taking business trips.

Japan has suffered a relatively low death rate from coronavirus, a trend some have labelled ‘mysterious‘ given the country’s lack of strict measures to tackle the virus. Despite its ageing and densely packed population, the country is currently on track to have fewer total deaths in 2020 than in 2019. Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has reportedly, controversially, attributed it to the “superior quality” of Japanese people.