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Google pledges £2.6bn to new European data centres

Google is set to build a new €600m data centre in Finland as part of a multi-billion-pound investment in its European infrastructure.

In a news conference with the Finnish prime minister Antti Rinne on Friday, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said the firm would spend a total of €3bn (£2.6bn) on data centres in Europe over the next two years.

The search giant has invested a total of €15bn in European internet infrastructure since 2007, generating more than 13,000 jobs each a year, a study paid for by the company claims.

The investment came in the same week as Google launched what it says is “the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history” and just days before the UN’s climate change summit in New York.

The company has signed deals with 18 wind and solar farms around the world as part of the initiative. In the past it has bought significant numbers of carbon credits to “offset” its emissions, despite concerns about the effectiveness of such schemes.