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IBM: TSB may have failed to rigorously test systems before IT migration

TSB may have failed to properly test its systems before migrating customers over to new digital platforms earlier this year, according to a preliminary report by IBM.

The lending giant brought IBM onboard after the botched IT migration left customers locked out of their accounts and unable to make payments for several days in April.

Fraudsters exploited the incident, described as an “IT meltdown” by MPs, to steal money from 1,300 users. TSB’s CEO has promised that they will reimbursed.

The Treasury Committee published IBM’s report on Parliament’s official website on Thursday. The report was presented to TSB’s board shortly after IBM was enlisted in late April.

“Performance testing did not provide the required evidence of capacity,” the report suggests. “IBM has not seen evidence of the application of a rigorous set of go-live criteria to prove production readiness.”

A TSB spokesperson said: “The IBM document contained a preliminary work plan with very early hypotheses based on observations to date, which were produced after only three days of engagement with TSB, almost eight weeks ago.”

“That content is therefore now very much out of date,” the spokesperson added. “The hypotheses were not final, nor were they a proven view of what went wrong or of the actions that have subsequently been taken. Without this context, this document could be misinterpreted to the detriment of TSB’s customers”