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Nestlé has signed up 210,000 employees to Workplace by Facebook

Global food manufacturer Nestlé has signed up around 210,000 employees to Workplace by Facebook, in a major coup for the embattled social media giant.

The communications platform was established by Facebook’s London office in 2015 as its answer to collaboration tools such as Slack and Yammer.

In 2017, Facebook revealed that more than 30,000 organisations had signed up to the platform, but Nestlé’s decision to go all-in represents one of the biggest moments yet in Workplace’s four-year history. The rollout is expected to continue in 2019.

In an announcement on Thursday (3 January), Facebook said the move formed part of a commitment by Nestlé to offer more flexible working arrangements. The system was first adopted in Nestle’s Mexican, Brazilian, Middle Eastern and South African offices, where it has proved particularly popular on mobile devices.

Rather than displaying ads on the platform, Facebook charges companies to use Workplace, which includes professional versions of the standard events and groups tools. Facebook did not disclose the cost of the deal with Nestlé, but the pricing system is typically on a user-by-user basis, with businesses with over 10,000 employees paying $1 per employee.

Filippo Catalano, Nestlé’s chief information officer, said in a statement: “Today, using Workplace by Facebook we are able to give our employees across the globe a platform to build connections, enabling faster and more engaging sharing of information.”

Julien Codorniou, vice president of Workplace by Facebook, added: “As the global work landscape continues to change and the demand for better collaboration, best-of-breed IT and mobile-first work increases, we are honored to partner with a company like Nestlé to help employees work together to allow for limitless innovation.”