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Pure issues plea to industry as it sets out vision to overhaul storage standards

Pure Storage has unveiled plans for new storage standards aimed at transforming how businesses process data.

In an open letter to the industry, the firm set out its vision for a “data hub” that brings together siloed datasets and technologies.

The company is calling on vendors from across the sector to abandon legacy architectures and back its new standards.

At present, most organisations rely on four separate analytics solutions – data warehouses, data lakes, streaming analytics and AI clusters – to process their data.

The problem with this approach, Pure claims, is that it means data is stored out of reach of the applications that need it most.

“Unifying data means that the same data can be accessed by multiple applications at the same time with full data integrity,” the firm’s open letter states.

“Delivering data means each application has the full performance of data access that it requires, at the speed of today’s business.”

In an effort to overhaul the legacy architecture, Pure is developing a system built on four new foundation elements: high throughput for file and object store, native scale-out design, multi-dimensional performance and massively parallel architecture.

By combining each of these features in one data hub, Pure hopes to create a new platform that will help businesses to more effectively deploy techniques such as machine learning.

But it will depend on the support of vendors in different sectors to do so. The open letter features a graphic naming a number of companies operating in the data analytics space, suggesting many have already bought into its vision.

Writing for Forbes, analyst Patrick Moorhead welcomed Pure’s perspective. “There is no question that Pure Storage is right in saying that the new data center requires a new way of storing and delivering data,” he wrote. “The data hub is an enticing approach. Whether it’s the right approach will emerge over time.”