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Russian state hackers are “targeting internet infrastructure”

Intelligence agencies on both sides of the Atlantic have joined forces to release details of malicious cyber activity conducted by the Russian government and aimed at hijacking internet infrastructure.

In a US-UK statement published on Monday, the NCSC, FBI and US Department for Homeland Security revealed that Russian state hackers are targeting government, private sector organisations and critical infrastructure providers.

The hackers have also been accused of targeting the internet service providers that support these sectors.

A joint technical alert further outlines how the attacks are directed at network infrastructure devices, including routers, switches and firewalls.

The DFS’s Jeanette Manfra said in a statement that “Russian government activities continue to threaten our respective safety, security and the very integrity of our cyber ecosystem”.

Ciarain Martin, the head of NCSC, added: “This is the first time that in attributing a cyber attack to Russia the US and the UK have, at the same time, issued joint advice to industry about how to manage the risks from the attack. It marks an important step in our fight back against state-sponsored aggression in cyberspace.”

The three agencies are urging anyone who finds evidence of the malicious activity to contact them.