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Laurie Clarke


Tata Consultancy Services to extend remote working beyond pandemic following productivity gains

Tata Consultancy Services, the Indian IT services firm, plans to adapt remote working conditions introduced as a response to coronavirus into a permanent working model once the pandemic lifts, according to COO N. Ganapathy Subramaniam in an interview with TV channel India Live.

“We observe better throughput and productivity,” he said, adding that “people have become a lot more collaborative.”

In a statement, Subramaniam told NS Tech that this was part of the company’s push towards introducing “Secured, Borderless Workspaces” – an integral part of the company’s vision for its 2025 operating model. He said: “In the current COVID-19 situation, all these learnings and investments that we had made came in handy when we had to move work to remote facilities (e.g. home) where our associates are safe and have the ability to connect to internet.”

Subramaniam said that clients are very satisfied, in addition to employees themselves, who can now enjoy an extra one to two hours every day that was previously spent commuting.

“During this short period we observed that not only the teams have managed to deliver to the SLA’s [service level agreements] but have been able to manage the peaks and troughs of transaction volumes with alacrity. There are pockets where we are witnessing improved velocity, throughput and productivity and in areas where the free energy is being diverted to think digital, agile, IP and innovation,” a spokesperson for the company said.

The company will eventually aim for 25 per cent of the staff to be in the office at any one time, and that each employee only spends 25 per cent of their time in the office.

Research indicates that productivity can increase with remote working, but this is remarkable during a pandemic, where complicating factors such as anxiety and other mental health concerns, and the burden of childcare on full time parents would seem likely to inhibit output.