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London tech execs think public trust in the sector is at an all time low

Public trust in the tech industry is at an all time low, according to more than half (51 per cent) of tech professionals surveyed by Tech London Advocates.

The research, conducted by the private sector network of tech leaders ahead of its fifth anniversary, found that just 16 per cent of London’s tech workers think that the public’s perception of the industry is at an all time high.

The survey follows months of negative headlines surrounding the industry, with state sponsored cyber attacks, data protection breaches and allegations of sexual assault pushing it to the top of the news agenda.

However, the report indicates that among the 250 advocates surveyed, 89 per cent think that tech companies have a positive social impact on the capital by creating jobs and supporting the economy.

“There is a clear disparity between the positive potential of technology and public perceptions in the industry,” said TLA founder Russ Shaw. “I want to galvanise the private sector in London tech and beyond to celebrate the positive impact tech companies have on the city’s people, society and economy.”

“Over the last five years, Tech London Advocates has given a voice to the tech sector around some of the biggest challenges facing the industry,” he added. “Today’s report shows how we maintain London’s position as a global tech hub and outlines what we need to achieve to continue our success.”

The report, titled 2023: The Future of London Tech, calls for the government to establish a Secretary of State for Digital and for businesses to commit one per cent of their profits to social ventures and local communities.