White Papers: Cloud

Public, private and hybrid clouds are vital to the modern technology professional – we examine the issues and consider the business cases.

Addressing the 12 blockers to IT modernisation with a multi-cloud strategy

In February 2020, UKCloud in partnership with Censuswide, surveyed more than 300 IT professionals and business leaders from a variety of public sector organisations to determine the state of cloud adoption. The results were emphatic. There is clear desire to adopt cloud, yet the survey revealed a number of challenges. Challenges that confirm that there […]

The KPIs You Should Be Measuring but Probably Aren’t

Download this eBook to discover the four (4) most important KPIs for an MSP owner to watch. Once you understand these and the mechanics that create them, then you’ll know what levers to pull within the business to achieve growth and higher profitability. If an MSP starts weighing these KPIs effectively, it brings a higher […]

Financial Early Warning Score Calculator

No matter the cause of an economic downturn, the impact will be the same for your MSP. In the past, MSPs have seen their revenue drop by an average of 30%, and many were not able to recover from that. Those who did took steps to cut costs and they are doing that again. You […]

Rapid Recovery Planning Workbook

It takes more than driving new revenue to recover from a recession or economic downturn. To recover, you need to look deeper into your MSP’s finances, and best-in-class solution providers have laid the foundation for what to look at. Get your copy of the Rapid Recovery Planning Workbook today. Put together by Paul Dippell and […]

Save Money & Improve Customer Service in Times of Crisis

With many European companies getting comfortable with a remote workforce, their need for a robust and reliable managed service provider (MSP) is as important today as it’s ever been. As an MSP, you’re standing by your technology to help you deliver the services that will keep your clients operating and productive. It’s your job to […]

MSP COVID-19 Playbook: CHAPTER 1 Remote WorkForce UK

ENABLING AND OPTIMISING A REMOTE WORKFORCE As the COVID-19 pandemic forced your business and almost all your customers to go remote, enabling and optimising a remote workforce is key to ensuring everyone can continue to work. Enabling a remote workforce has become the unexpected hero as many businesses and MSPs shift to working from home. […]

MSP COVID-19 Playbook: CHAPTER 2 Educating Security UK

SECURING AN UNSECURE WORLD: EMPLOYEE EDUCATION IS KEY In February, Time magazine called the Corona Virus the “World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment.” And while the numbers aren’t in yet, it’s clear we’ve gone beyond the 3.2% of the workforce that normally comprise remote workers. As more employees have moved to working remotely, the safe perimeter established […]

MSP COVID-19 Playbook: CHAPTER 3 Securing Company Customers UK

SECURING YOUR COMPANY AND CUSTOMERS IN THIS NEW REMOTE ENVIRONMENT In a recent study, we learned that 74% of MSPs have suffered at least one cyber attack and a lack of skills and resources have left them ill-prepared to deal with attacks—either on their customers or themselves. And even if they were prepared yesterday, today’s […]

MSP COVID-19 Playbook: CHAPTER 4 Manage Cashflow UK

STABILISING CASH FLOWS DURING A CRISIS The thing that keeps most business owners up at night is whether they have enough cash to pay their employees and their bills. According to Invoicera, 68.9% of business owners fear they’ll lose their business due to a lack of available cash and 58.2% identify slow paying customers as […]