White Papers: Cloud

Public, private and hybrid clouds are vital to the modern technology professional – we examine the issues and consider the business cases.

TCO Report On Prem vs Cloud Storage

Today, organizations are challenged by a massive growth in the volume of enterprise data. It’s an undisputed fact that today more data is being generated, processed, and stored than at any other time in history. And it’s only going to increase from here. International Data Corporation (IDC) projects the “global datasphere” to grow from 33 […]

An Insider’s Guide to Object Storage

The data revolution is upon us. Organizations in every industry generate exponentially more volumes of unstructured data than ever before. They also retain, re-use, and learn from that data to a far greater extent. Add to this the emergence of cloud and IoT, and it becomes apparent that unlimited, affordable scalability is an increasingly important […]

Mobilising to Win – are you ready?

As customer expectations for useful, frictionless experiences continue to rise, companies  are replacing manual processes and augmenting physical experiences with new digital interactions. This embrace of digital stems from more than the need to delight and engage –  it is about providing real utility to customers at an acceptable cost to serve. For many companies, […]

Why Blockchain is the new black for Media Buying

Blockchain appears poised to solve some of the most pressing problems facing advertisers and publishers. A distributed ledger technology, blockchain can change media buying as we know it by enabling parties in a network to agree on a transaction without the need for third parties or centralized control. Transparency created by a fully adopted blockchain […]

Live Webinar: Tuesday 9 April – Real Advice from Real MSPs

Learn how you can become more profitable, deliver excellent services and save costs with NEIL DENNING, the CEO of Support Tree, as he joins SAM CALLAGHAN, EMEA Sales Director of ConnectWise, for a closer look at how Support Tree built and continues to grow opportunities as an MSP.

Cloudian HyperStore® Multi-Cloud Technical Guide

In this technical white paper, we discuss the challenges of moving to public and multi cloud environments, provide an in-depth view of Cloudian HyperStore and how it can meet the challenges of integrating into private and public cloud hybrid architecture. Next, there will be an overview of HyperStore, an introduction to the multi-cloud journey and […]

TCO Report: Tape vs. Object Storage

We are living in an age of explosive data growth. IDC projects that the digital universe is growing 50% a year, doubling in size every 2 years. In media and entertainment, the growth is even faster as capacity-intensive formats such as 4K, 8K, and 360/VR gain traction. Fortunately, new trends in data storage are making […]

Six Reasons Why a VAR Should Add Managed Services

As a value-added reseller in the technology space, the impact of rapid changes in the VAR landscape may have hit home with you. Pricing is becoming increasingly competitive. In an already low-margin environment, numbers continue to shrink, putting enormous pressure on achieving a survivable – let alone impressive – bottom line. To remain competitive and be in a position […]

The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service

Adding to Your Service Offering is Challenging. We get it. ConnectWise Inc. has helped countless technology professionals reconfigure their businesses for the future by adding new practice areas and building monthly recurring revenue. The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service will help you navigate these important business expansions with confidence. This guide covers everything from business planning to client retention. Read […]