White Papers: Cloud

Public, private and hybrid clouds are vital to the modern technology professional – we examine the issues and consider the business cases.

Managed Services:2018’s Winners & Losers

Whether companies are outsourcing to reduce or control operating costs, free up internal resources, or streamline time-consuming functions, it’s clear that the potential benefits for businesses are plentiful. As more companies look to offload tasks, the demand for managed service providers (MSPs) is going to skyrocket. Beyond 2018, there will be plenty of challenges for […]

Why choose Netsuite?

You Have an Important Decision to Make – Which ERP is Right for Your Business? About once every 10 years, organisations face this strategic decision with major implications for operational effectiveness.Technology and solution development moves apace. No wonder it is difficult to choose from the wide variety of options

Fueling business growth with a strong front office back office relationship

If it takes your finance team 20 working days to close its books, then it’s fair to say that their relationship with the rest of the business is going to be minimal. And when there is contact, it will probably be fractious and stressful. Back office functions have important regulatory, compliance and auditing tasks to […]

The Enterprise Guide to Application Modernization for IT and Development Leaders

Today’s businesses are faced with a singular reality: innovation is a requirement for mere survival. Yet many enterprises are crippled by legacy and technical debt. This paper is written for the leaders tasked with bridging the gap. Skytap Cloud’s approach to modernizing Infrastructure, Process, and Architecture (IPA) equips senior IT decision-makers with a realistic, achievable […]

Live Webinar: 26th June: CRM at the Heart of Customer Service

Ilyash Dedat, Customer Service Director at Soak.com will explain how they have implemented a CRM tool to address their customer service challenges and the benefits they have experienced as a result. Ilyash will be joined by Penny Lowe, Head of Service Delivery at Workbooks, who will share her experience of the implementation of the CRM […]

The 10 Mistakes that can Undermine your VM Data Recovery Efforts

INTRODUCTION Although backup hardware and software play an undeniable role in data protection and recovery, an organization’s ability to effectively recover data following a data loss event hinges on decisions that were made long before the data was ever lost. Simply put, making mistakes at this stage can put your data at risk by diminishing […]

No App Left Behind: Considerations when Modernizing Traditional Applications in a Multi-Cloud World

The average enterprise today operates hundreds, if not thousands, of business-critical applications that support core business practices and were developed years ago. The people who developed these applications couldn’t imagine the new technology that would come in future generations and therefore could not anticipate the requirements that technology advancements would bring to market. The challenge […]