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NS.tech considers the technology and trends that shape the enterprise and holds it together, from ERP to BYOD and beyond.

Omni-Channel Communications for Utilities

The utility industry is facing an era of disruption. Customers now have more options, as well as an increased level of sophistication. They want more information from their utilities in order to gauge the value of their service. They also want efficient and timely communications for everything from outages, billing and payments to energy usage. […]

Powering Decisions Across the Energy Lifecycle

Ever wonder how three energy and utility innovators are transforming their operations? Energy and utility companies have turned to the next generation of decision management tools and open technologies to “turn on the lights” in their businesses – whether it’s slashing time-to-market for new services, or reducing the carbon footprint. This collection of three case […]

Buyer’s Guide

For businesses that rely on a fleet of drivers and vehicles to service customers, complete jobs and bring in revenue, tracking your assets is a top priority. Knowing how well your drivers and technicians are performing when they’re behind the wheel of a company vehicle and on a job site is critical information. Most businesses […]

9 Secrets to Reducing your Fleet Expenses

As a fleet owner, your day-to-day costs can quickly add up. Particularly when hidden and unnecessary costs are hurting your bottom line. The amount of fuel wasted, how efficiently your staff drive, overpaying wages and how you keep track of it all, can make a huge difference when it comes to your ongoing expenses. When […]

4 Cost Savings Tips for Mobile Enterprises

Ask fleet owners about where to reduce costs and the most common response will be fuel. It’s not surprising considering fuel costs are one of the biggest operating expenses for a fleet. But if you’re only looking at fuel savings you’ll miss out on a whole range of smart ways to cut back on fleet […]

Enterprise fleet management solutions

The benefits of cloud-based telematics and enterprise fleet management solutions are widely known: lower fuel costs, improved driver safety, better fleet utilisation, increased worker productivity, proactive maintenance and enhanced customer experience. But the benefits to other areas of a company may not be as obvious. A comprehensive Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution can deliver benefits […]

Sourcing and Procurement Data Management

For multinational, upper middle market (UMM) and enterprise companies, maintaining efficient Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Source-to-Settle (S2S), and supply chain processes is critical to sustaining business success and competitive advantage. Many companies try to accomplish this by replacing manual processes and increasing control over spend with P2P and S2S automation software. While this is the correct approach […]

Supplier Master Data Governance

A screen door on a submarine is illogical – and so is any Supplier Information Management (SIM) program without Master Data Governance. Supplier Data Governance is critical for organizations to ensure the quality of their supplier data and realize the maximum value from their programs. The goal of any S-MDM or SIM program is to gather, maintain, […]

Milobe Wokrrocfe Orepitanos

Unscramble the mobile workforce operations conundrum with a Mobile Resource Management (MRM) platform. Effectively managing mobile workforce operations is an extremely complex task. With multiple teams to coordinate and a number of different areas to be taken into consideration, the decision makers in this part of the organisation must be on top of their game […]


SAP indirect access is a wakeup call in understanding how the tides of enterprise software are changing – in particular ERP and enterprise software offerings that are pitched as all encompassing “suites”. In February, 2017, a UK court ruled in favour of SAP in the case of SAP vs Diageo. Diageo was forced to pay £54m. At the time […]