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NS.tech considers the technology and trends that shape the enterprise and holds it together, from ERP to BYOD and beyond.

Intelligent Forecasting A practical guide to finding the value in your data

Capital programmes are prone to failure, partly due to their complexity and often long gestation, and can quickly become the subjects of critical reports. Crossrail is a great example. This 73-mile railway under London is running more than two years late and will cost over £2bn more than the original £15.9 billion estimate – with […]

What’s next for the CDO?

As we start to emerge from lockdown, now is the perfect time to reflect on what’s changed for CDOs. What lessons have we learnt and how can we ensure we’re maximising the value of our data to drive business innovation, improve processes and put data at the heart of everything we do in the future. […]

Breaking barriers to drive successful continuous improvement

In a fast-changing business environment, innovation and agility are essential. They can be the difference between leading the market and becoming irrelevant. At their core, they are also process issues. An inability to examine and improve business processes will stifle any drive for fresh approaches and cause such inertia that the status quo becomes immovable. […]

Six steps to drive your process center of excellence to success

Process excellence is a work culture built around key business processes. If business processes are broken or non-existent, the business suffers or fails. If processes are strong and well-documented, it affords you the opportunity for continuous process improvement. Organizations that embrace process excellence view every business process as an asset—one that can be owned, managed, […]

Webinar Sustaining CX & AX Excellence Amid Covid-19

The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on people’s physical as well as economic wellbeing. Businesses are not untouched, either, with events getting canceled, travel being minimized, and employees working from home. In fact, 53% of workers are afraid of the spread of the virus, 45% expect their work life to be disrupted by the virus, […]

The Universal Language of IT

While the last two decades have ushered in sweeping changes for IT departments, from cloud computing to mobility and digital transformation, there are no signs of slowing down. We’re now years into an era marked by hybrid IT, where on-premises and cloud infrastructures live in harmony—as long as the tech pros in charge of those […]

Getting to grips with Application Security

Application Security is a specialised area at the core of Cyber Security. We caught up with Josh Grossman, Head of Security Services for AppSec Labs to understand, “why is application security different to other areas of security”.

Customer Reference Book HPE + Veeam

Look at this joint Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Veeam® customer reference book to find out how companies can: Ensure data availability and rapid recovery Experience flexible data protection on-premises and in the cloud And more! See how HPE and Veeam are better together.

Intelligent Storage: Overcome 3 Common Challenges

Data dependence is a growing problem many organizations are facing. HPE and Veeam® can help enterprises meet their business challenges by avoiding data silos, protecting from data loss while also supporting hybrid multi-cloud environments. Download our latest white paper to learn how to overcome three common challenges by deploying HPE + Veeam data protection solutions, […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your AWS Spending

Get the most out of your AWS investment. Migrating to AWS is a smart move for business continuity but as you scale your cloud environment, visibility and tracking your usage is critical to getting the most out of your spend. The following quick tips provide you with five strategic ways to keep an eye on […]