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If you’ve heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you might be wondering – what do the changes actually mean for me and my business? The new law means you will be responsible for ensuring that your data is handled in a responsible way. This is important in print, where files held on […]

FAQ: GDPR and LRS® Output Management Software

Potential GDPR violations when printing and how LRS solutions address these. What is the link between output management and GDPR? The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation came into effect on the 25th of May 2018. The goals of the regulation are to create a single data protection legal framework across the EU to […]

A Hidden Security Danger: Network Timing

The role of accurate timing in reducing network security risk Security and Accurate Time Synchronization • Establishes the correct “when” of historical (past) events • Allows ordering of future planned events • Enables synchronized, real-time interaction between network devices and processes

A step-by-step guide to cloud adoption and data protection

A step-by-step guide to cloud adoption and data protection Public clouds can become an essential part of your data protection strategy and can even be used as your secondary data center or an offsite backup storage. If you plan and implement cloud adoption the right way, you’ll gain many benefits including cost efficiency, agility and […]

Hybrid Cloud – The New Normal

Today’s infrastructure doesn’t look like yesterday’s. Where once Operations teams built extensive, high-availability data centers, today they extend their capabilities with the elastic storage, compute, and delivery capacity of public cloud services. But public cloud infrastructure comes at a cost. Not only must Ops teams manage the chaos of departments throughout the organization grabbing new […]

Best Practice: How to evaluate and implement a multi-CDN strategy

The following is intended as a best-practices guide for companies focused on web performance,  with particular attention to those currently evaluating or implementing a Multi-CDN strategy (often called “CDN Federation”). At Cedexis, we focus exclusively on strategies and solutions for multi-platform content and application delivery. Many of our clients are global retail, media, and technology […]

Aligning Sales & Marketing for Business Success

Sales and marketing should be working together to drive revenue, but unless companies actively seek to align these two functions, a disconnect can occur that can have substantial negative effects on the business. This whitepaper helps you understand what can cause such a disconnect, the impact it can have on your business and more importantly […]

How to Grow Revenue and Close More Deals Using CRM

A Best Practice Guide. Customers are today far more in control of the buying process. They delay sales engagement and when they do engage, they are far more demanding and knowledgeable. They have done their research online and are ready to challenge you. On the one hand, sales people face the pressure of a compressed […]

Business value—through capacity management

What’s the secret to IT success? Ask any experienced IT executive and you’ll get the same answer: good capacity management. It’s the only way to avoid embarrassing, costly outages and bottlenecks while delivering business value to the organisation. Good capacity management means IT service optimisation. So, how are you doing on IT service optimisation? Use […]

Faster, more powerful handling of database workloads

The new Intel processor-based Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd offers better virtualised database performance compared to the legacy PowerEdge R720. The pace of business is lightning fast. Technology runs faster—and customers want service even faster still. To keep up with the demands of a company in this age, you need hardware infrastructure capable of supporting large […]