White Papers: Security

Cyber security is an ever-moving target, particularly as the enterprise’s perimeter becomes more flexible in the mobile era and the threats evolve. Here we offer papers to help the IT security professional.

Zero Trust Internet Is the Answer for 100% Email and Web Security

How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s not if, but when”? The saying can easily  be applied to the inevitable failure of a company’s cybersecurity defenses, and it’s  surprising how widely accepted this view is. Cybersecurity defenses are designed to  identify threats and then prevent them. This strategy is imperfect, however, because   there […]

British Bakels – A Cristie Data case study

British Baking Manufacturer’s Storage Infrastructure Innovation British Bakels is one of the leading suppliers of ingredients to the bakery market in the UK. It manufactures ingredients and develops new baking concepts to help major artisan, retail and industrial bakers improve their products. The company was running on HPE Storage which had worked well, but had […]

Datto’s 2019 State of the MSP Report

Datto surveyed 1600+ managed service providers (MSPs) around the world to learn about their day-to-day lives, businesses, and IT Channel predictions. The result: a wealth of statistics covering everything from the technology MSPs are using and business challenges they’re facing, to where they get their news and how many industry events they attend annually. Download […]

Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation

Remote browser isolation eliminates both web-based threats such as drive-by-downloads and email-based attacks like phishing and ransomware. It effectively creates an “air gap” between the Internet and enterprise networks, and the benefits are immediate. Ransomware and other malware attacks are nearly eliminated since the browsing process is removed from the desktop and moved to the […]

Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways

The adoption of SaaS applications is transforming the secure web gateway (SWG) product category, propelling the growth of cloud-based SWG market 6X over appliance-based SWG products.  Remote browser isolation has emerged as a key next generation technology for SWGs since it provides more comprehensive protection against web threats by executing and rendering all content remotely.  […]

Dell EMC VxRail Datasheet- The Standard in Hyper Converged IT

With dramatically lower operational expenses, VxRail delivers an up to 28% TCO  advantage and a 43% lower cost of serviceability with integrated end-to-end support. In short, VxRail enables you to do more with less and allows your IT staff to focus on more strategic projects that makes your business more competitive.

Cyber AI Response: Threat Report 2019

Business leaders in the digital age face remarkably urgent risk factors in an era of automated and fast-moving cyber-threat. These risks have heightened dramatically in recent years as threats develop and become more advanced, and as our digital businesses continue to grow in complexity, diversity, and scale. This report details seven case studies of attacks […]

Forrester Impact Report on HackerOne Challenge

HackerOne provides security and compliance penetration (pen) testing services that help its customers identify and remediate real-world security vulnerabilities. HackerOne commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by utilizing its Challenge service. This is a one-time engagement (repeatable as desired) […]

A Guide to Protecting Microsoft Office 365 from Security Threats by ESG for Symantec

It’s no secret that cybersecurity permeates the mindsets and priorities of key business executives all the may up to the CEO level. At the same time, IT has to manage a balanced corporate security posture that provides a frictionless approach to protecting employees and the business in the midst of device proliferation, cloud consumption initiatives, […]

Advanced Endpoint Security for Dummies

Today’s workforce is increasingly nomadic. Employees use personal and company-owned devices — desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with various operating systems — to access corporate resources over different networks from virtually anywhere. Roaming users and cloud-based applications have eroded the network perimeter where enterprises have traditionally focused their security controls. In the wake of this disruption, vendors offered myriad […]