White Papers: Security

Cyber security is an ever-moving target, particularly as the enterprise’s perimeter becomes more flexible in the mobile era and the threats evolve. Here we offer papers to help the IT security professional.

7 essential vulnerability management questions answered

In this e-book, we’re tackling 7 essential vulnerability management questions to dispel all your doubts once and for all. This e-book is not only a consolidated source of answers to the top vulnerability management questions, but also as a guide to adopting the best possible course of action at various stages of your vulnerability management […]

Top 6 Application Security Hurdles and the Secret to Overcoming Them

Are you stuck at the application security starting gate? Applications support organizations’ most strategic business processes and access their most sensitive data. Yet application security continues to receive less budget and attention than network security. Why? It can’t be for lack of awareness. Weekly headlines remind security experts and business leaders alike that hackers seeking […]

Managed Application Security Testing (AST)

The roles of today’s security professionals and software developers have become multidimensional. With their increased responsibilities, they must do more in less time, all while keeping applications secure. If you want to mitigate risk and address your compliance requirements, application security testing is an essential component of your software security initiative. But what if your […]

The CISO’s Ultimate Guide to Securing Applications

11 Best Practices to Minimize Risk and Protect Your Data. Application security is not a one-time event. It’s a continuous journey. To do it effectively means building security into your SDLC without slowing down delivery times. Download this best practices guide to help get you headed in the right direction. Not sure where to start? Synopsys […]

Four key tips from incident response experts

Responding to a critical cyber incident can be an incredibly stressful and intense time. While nothing can fully alleviate the pressure of dealing with an attack, understanding these key tips from incident response experts will help give your team advantages when defending your organization. This document highlights the biggest lessons everyone should learn when it […]

Managed detection and response (MDR) services buyers guide

Few organizations have the right tools, people, and processes in-house to effectively manage their security program around-the-clock while proactively defending against new and emerging threats. As a result, organizations are increasingly looking towards managed detection and response (MDR) services to run their security operations program. According to Gartner1, by 2025, 50% of organizations will be […]

Guide to Application Security: What to Look For and Why

DevSecOps and Application Security Best Practices If your organization does software development in-house, there are a myriad of development workflows and processes to choose from. Some organizations still implement old-school waterfall development workflows; some are agile shops. In terms of process, some have adopted DevOps, and some integrate security testing into DevOps workflows for DevSecOps. […]

The essential guide to Digital Risk Protection

For many businesses, the last few years have changed the information security landscape significantly. New data privacy regulations require increased compliance and diligence, with significantly heavier penalties. Digital transformation and Cloud services have increased the complexity of IT infrastructure, making you reliant on multiple third parties to keep your data safe. The threat landscape has […]

50 ways to lose your data: Understanding the true nature of data breaches

For decades the primary focus of IT security all over the world has been to secure the network. However, this “inside the firewall” thinking ignores the obvious truth of doing business today: ‘the network’ now extends far beyond the firewall. Defending your corporate perimeter is no longer enough. If you think about Cybersecurity from the […]