White Papers: Security

Cyber security is an ever-moving target, particularly as the enterprise’s perimeter becomes more flexible in the mobile era and the threats evolve. Here we offer papers to help the IT security professional.

FPT Software – Enhancing Code Quality and Security with Synopsys AST Solutions

FPT Software offers full lifecycle services for its customers, including software design, development, migration and modernization. Providing software components for clients’ systems often means working with legacy code and architectures not originally designed for modern interconnected environments. These must be stringently tested for the quality and security needed by today’s modern applications. “Winning clients’ trust […]

The essential guide to Digital Risk Protection

For many businesses, the last few years have changed the information security landscape significantly. New data privacy regulations require increased compliance and diligence, with significantly heavier penalties. Digital transformation and Cloud services have increased the complexity of IT infrastructure, making you reliant on multiple third parties to keep your data safe. The threat landscape has […]

50 ways to lose your data: Understanding the true nature of data breaches

For decades the primary focus of IT security all over the world has been to secure the network. However, this “inside the firewall” thinking ignores the obvious truth of doing business today: ‘the network’ now extends far beyond the firewall. Defending your corporate perimeter is no longer enough. If you think about Cybersecurity from the […]

The State of ITSM in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis hit the world hard in both social and business terms. From a business perspective, it required many changes – from the products and services offered (and the way that they’re produced, marketed, and sold) to how employees work. And, given the nature of modern business, most changes had an impact on IT […]

Understanding UEBA: How machine learning can help secure your business

As cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated each day, organisations around the globe need effective security solutions to protect themselves. Early detection and resolution can save businesses a huge amount of money. Implementing a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that analyses the network’s activities and a User and Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) tool that uses […]

Webinar, 15th July 2020 – Guide to Application Security: What to look out for and why

If your organization does software development in-house, there are many development workflows and processes to choose from. With all the different AppSec tools available (e.g., SAST, DAST, IAST), how do developers stay productive while ensuring that their code is secure? Register for this webinar to learn more about application security and how to leverage it […]

Strengthening Cybersecurity through ML and AI

The need for IT security has become more important than ever. In today’s digital era, almost every business has a hybrid infrastructure, which has enabled users to access information from anywhere. Although this is known to provide many benefits, it also paves the way for cyber-attacks. Most of a business’ data, including confidential organisational and […]

Using Coverage and Efficiency to Determine Remediation Strategy Effectiveness

Is Your Remediation Strategy Working For You? Deciding which vulnerabilities to remediate is a daunting task. In a perfect world, all vulnerabilities would be remediated as discovered. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the real world. Reality necessitates prioritization, but how can we measure the quality of prioritization? There are a number of remediation strategies […]