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Is Consumption-based IT the Answer for your Business?

Learn how emerging hardware-as-a-service offerings solve many of today’s biggest IT challenges. Today’s competitive businesses want the flexibility to scale and innovate rapidly, to  reduce the burden of data centre ownership and management, and to avoid tying up capital in risky and depreciating hardware investments. Consumption-based infrastructure has the potential to meet these needs, by […]

Skills for Tech Pros of Tomorrow

Today’s technology professionals are at an inflection point in their careers. They have one foot grounded in today’s realities, while the data suggests they’re also setting their sights on what’s to come—often with a bit of trepidation about their ability to manage emerging technologies. Common technologies of recent history are still top-of-mind for tech pros. […]

Awareness and Prevention Don’t Match Up in Public Sector Organisations

Freedom of Information request conducted by SolarWinds in 2019 examines cyberattack preparedness among NHS, central government, and defence public sector organisations. In June 2018, the National Cyber Security Centre released the first Minimum Cyber Security Standard to define the minimum security measures organisations and agencies must implement with regard to protecting information, technology, and digital […]

Step-change to your CLOUD-READY FUTURE with Lenovo for HCI

Hyper-Simplify hyperconverged with LENOVO. Businesses are using hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to untangle today’s big IT challenges. HCI can help you accelerate workloads, meet growing storage needs, gain the commercial benefits of hybrid cloud and more – all with easy-to-manage building blocks. Get certified HCI solutions for your business with Lenovo®, Microsoft® and Intel®. They combine [...]

Financial Regulations Synchronized with the Latest Timekeeping Technology

Due to the increased need of a more regulated timekeeping system, the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) has mandated a set of standards to comply to a level of accuracy in all business clocks. This white paper describes a three-faceted timekeeping solution architecture—consisting  of a timing master, timing slave, and time monitoring/auditing […]

ViewBoard with myViewBoard and Intel Unite®

ViewBoard with myViewBoard and Intel Unite® software provide a digital collaboration  experience which is secured, scalable, and adaptable to multiple use-cases ranging from class rooms to conference halls and highly-confidential meeting rooms. The interactive whiteboard can run ViewSonic myViewBoard software, which supports hybrid cloud or on-premises hosted personal digital whiteboards. Another feature allows users to […]

Building Automation-as-a-Service, from Edge to Cloud

Combined with powerful and efficient Intel® processors, the Arkessa and IA Connects solution can operate and scale with confidence around the world (The system includes the IA Connects MobiusFlow Gateway, sensors, cellular connectivity, a data visualization portal, and Arkessa managed services) The Arkessa Building Control and Asset Management solution leverages mobile data-enabled (3G/4G) capabilities, instead […]

SEP Hybrid Backup & Disaster Recovery

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM Power with SAP HANA protected by SEP sesam SUSE, SAP, IBM and SEP are committed to meet customer needs providing all the  functionality, performance and interoperability required to meet today’s demanding customer environments. Together, they offer world-class solutions at an optimal price to implement, protect, and improve endusers’ and […]