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13 email threat types to know about right now

A cyberattack can affect your business in many ways, depending on its nature, scope, and severity. according to the Fbi’s internet Crime Complaint Center (iC3), cybercrime cost $3.5 billion in losses in 2019 alone, with business email compromise (beC) causing the most damages. that doesn’t include unreported losses, which are significant. iC3 received 467,361 complaints […]

The evolving landscape of the MSP business report 2020

As the MSP market has grown, providers have had to continuously balance and adapt their portfolio services to stay relevant and meet their customer’s varying needs, which has resulted in many service providers regularly expanding their offerings far beyond the traditional fundamentals expected of the MSP As this report has repeatedly shown, the appetite for […]

The Universal Language of IT

While the last two decades have ushered in sweeping changes for IT departments, from cloud computing to mobility and digital transformation, there are no signs of slowing down. We’re now years into an era marked by hybrid IT, where on-premises and cloud infrastructures live in harmony—as long as the tech pros in charge of those […]

Getting to grips with Application Security

Application Security is a specialised area at the core of Cyber Security. We caught up with Josh Grossman, Head of Security Services for AppSec Labs to understand, “why is application security different to other areas of security”.

The Smarter MSP’s Guide to Ransomware

Ransomware has become a serious epidemic affecting businesses of all sizes, and protecting your customers is more essential than ever before as the number of ransomware attacks continues to rise. A report from Cybersecurity Ventures projects that on average there will be a ransomware attack on a business every 14 seconds by the end of […]

Moving to the Cloud with Nintex

Cloud services have seen huge uptake in recent years as more and more organisations move workloads previously provided by costly on-premises solutions and their associated hardware to managed cloud-based services that are regularly updated and maintained and don’t entail significant capex costs.  In this whitepaper you’ll learn, step by step, how cloud migration can be […]

Creating workflows shouldn’t be work

Smooth and simplified processes make every part of a business work better, from HR and finance to operations.  In this whitepaper you’ll learn how the Nintex Process Platform takes the effort out of automating your critical business processes

Is Consumption-based IT the Answer for your Business?

Learn how emerging hardware-as-a-service offerings solve many of today’s biggest IT challenges. Today’s competitive businesses want the flexibility to scale and innovate rapidly, to  reduce the burden of data centre ownership and management, and to avoid tying up capital in risky and depreciating hardware investments. Consumption-based infrastructure has the potential to meet these needs, by […]

Skills for Tech Pros of Tomorrow

Today’s technology professionals are at an inflection point in their careers. They have one foot grounded in today’s realities, while the data suggests they’re also setting their sights on what’s to come—often with a bit of trepidation about their ability to manage emerging technologies. Common technologies of recent history are still top-of-mind for tech pros. […]