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Data Centre power consumption escalates

A report on Computer Business Review suggests that the power consumed by data centres is heading for crisis point. In spite of the numerous claims that technology can be green by saving on unnecessary travel to and from meetings and boosting productivity, global IT and data centre consortium The Green Grid‘s “EMEA Research on Data Centre Energy and Resource Efficiency” says that 43% of companies don’t actually have an energy consumption target.

Storage is the main culprit with data centres lacking configuration management and a striking 97% of businesses saying they need (as distinct from “have”) tools  to monitor the power their data centres consume.

The obvious casualty, as the CBR report states, is corporate responsibility. Large organisations have some sort of declaration of how they’re going to be good corporate citizens, and yet it’s apparent that most of them have no idea how they’re polluting or building on their carbon footprint through technology that, in many cases, was designed to reduce these things.

The question, as most organisations live or die on the basis of their data, is what to do about it, as scrapping the infrastructure and starting again is not an option.