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Salesforce makes it even harder to pick another cloud CRM with Demandware buyout

They don’t call it Salesforce for nothing – if you’ve ever been on the company’s ‘World Tour’, which just a few weeks ago welcomed 9,000 people in London, you’ll know it puts on a balls out ‘customer success’ show.

Now Salesforce is buying ecommerce cloud specialist Demandware for $2.8bn, which means it’s extending its offering for those using the platform for selling to include a new ‘commerce cloud’.

As ever, it will work seamlessly alongside its ‘sales cloud’, ‘service cloud’, ‘marketing cloud’ and ‘IT cloud’.

As the top CRM platform in the world, in terms of market share rather than profitability, Salesforce is an increasingly easy option for those that need an out-of-the-box and yet comprehensive customer service system.

It has long focused on becoming the go-to CRM platform by ensuring it plugs and plays with almost every business service under the sun, from Adobe to Sage.

It’s even got strategic partnerships with rivals, not least fellow top four CRM provider Microsoft.

Demandware’s ecommerce platform, meanwhile, is not used by a huge number of websites, but it is used by a lot of high-traffic retail sites, including and

Clients will likely be migrated over under the deal, which means they’ll no doubt soon be absorbed into the cult of Salesforce.

Other big cloud CRM providers out there of course include SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.