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Dropbox spurns cloud, but Box jumps in

The picture of whether the file sharing giants are happy with the public cloud or not has become more (wait for it) clouded.

It emerged last month that DropBox was now hosting everything on its own servers – unless, like New Statesman Tech, you’re in Europe in which case Amazon servers still hold sway.

Meanwhile, according to a report from Wired, Box has been moving its operations into the cloud at a pace. This is partly because it’s easier for European companies to be compliant as their data can be resident in home territories.

Another factor affecting the DropBox move will no doubt be the security scares of a few years ago. Stories like this gained a lot of traction, and although they’re pretty much ancient history by now (we’ve seen no repeat of the issue lately) there are still some reputational issues to address. DropBox’ decision to change its storage policy completely, at least in America where it has enough presence to make its own servers make financial sense, is almost certainly an excellent investment.