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Europe making slow progress on cloud security, say analysts

European companies are lagging behind their rivals in North America and Asia Pacific when it comes to cloud security, new research suggests.

Analysts studied just over 2,000 businesses around the world and discovered that firms in Europe were considerably less likely than the global average to deploy some of the most popular Amazon Web Services security auditing tools.

Conducted by the data analytics firm Sumo Logic, the analysis revealed that just 51 per cent of the studied companies in Europe use CloudTrail, compared to a global average of 60 per cent, and only 27 per cent use VPC FlowLogs, compared to 34 per cent internationally.

In the analysis of its clients’ security practices, Sumo Logic also found that only 13 per cent of European customers had deployed its own threat intelligence service, compared to 40 per cent of companies internationally.

Bruno Kurtic, co-founder of Sumo Logic, suggested the results of the study shouldn’t be interpreted as proof that business in Europe, which has set the agenda on cyber regulation in recent years, are apathetic towards cloud security.

“European companies might’ve gone to the cloud a little bit later,” Kurtic told NS Tech at DTX19 this week. “If we were to analyse how does Europe today compare to North America a couple of years ago, you might found it would be more similar.”

“Who goes to the cloud first? Dev teams. They adopt new technologies and they drag security with them. So what might be happening is that European security teams aren’t quite yet there. As they formalise this cloud adoption, they’re going to start putting in place more policies, processes and technologies to monitor security and ensure compliance […]. Eventually it will equalise.”