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Google got the enterprise wrong

Google has admitted it got its strategy completely wrong when it came to enterprise computing, and has lost ground to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft. As TechRadar reports, Google CEO Eric Schmidt went on stage at the Google Cloud Platform Next 2016, confirmed the company had goofed since 2008 (our wording rather than his) and that it would be doing things differently from now on.

Google had previously been shepherding people towards using an app engine like its own, arguing that it would offer a better performance at a better price than was available elsewhere. AWS and in some cases Microsoft were able to swoop on the business at least partly because Google was trying to make customers shift to where it wanted them to be.

The current vogue to using technological “containers” to develop apps is considerably more popular, and Google has now conceded – as the linked story says – that it needs to come to the market on the market’s terms rather than to expect clients to work around their supplier’s preferences.

The really remarkable thing about this is that the “you do things our way” attitude has been out of date in the IT industry for a couple of decades, and for longer elsewhere.