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European businesses are rapidly switching to hybrid cloud services

IT managers increasingly favour a blend of public and private cloud services to host their data and applications, according to new research.

A survey of 2,300 tech decision-makers found that 91 per cent see hybrid cloud as the “ideal IT model”, despite only a fifth currently taking that approach.

The research, which was conducted on behalf of enterprise cloud provider Nutanix, revealed high cost as a major drawback of using public cloud services.

Organisations using public cloud spend a quarter of their annual IT budget on the service, while just six per cent underspend on it, and 35 per cent overspend.

“As enterprises demand stronger application mobility and interoperability, they are increasingly choosing hybrid cloud infrastructure,” said Ben Gibson, chief marketing officer for Nutanix.

“While the advent of public cloud has increased IT efficiency in certain areas, hybrid cloud capabilities are the next step in providing the freedom to dynamically provision and manage applications based on business needs.”

“However, the findings of this study reveal an important gap in the market: organizations need IT talent to manage their hybrid cloud models, especially in the next 12 to 24 months.”

Lack of expertise is one of the biggest obstacles to adopting a hybrid approach, the research found, with more than half of respondents reporting issues around retaining talent.

The Americas currently has the highest rate of cloud adoption, the research found. But Europe, the Middle East and Africa [EMEA] is set to surpass its rate of uptake in the next two years; 43 per cent of organisations in EMEA are predicted to take up the model.