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IBM builds intelligent cloud apps

IBM is to build on its Watson cognitive computing scheme with a set of intelligent cloud apps. Underpinning these will be a set of flash-based mass storage devices that should enable much faster access than previously possible.

The devices will have a minimum latency of 250ìs (microsecond) and are called the FlashSystem A9000, FlashSystem A9000R and the IBM DS8888. They aim to bring data to corporate apps but the solid state nature of their innards mean access times will be faster and they are likely to be more robust than storage media with moving parts.

The technical details are reported in depth in Computer Business Review, from the same publishing stable as New Statesman Tech.

One IBM client reported in the CBR item claimed to have seen a sevenfold increase in productivity and a reduction of 85 per cent in the time taken to boot up a virtual machine.