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IBM ramps up cloud offerings

IBM has been out shopping for more capacity for its cloud offering, this time by buying companies in the UK.

The US giant has bought Optevia in a bid to ramp up its public sector cloud-based customer relationship management services. IBM is reportedly looking to offset the decline in some of its legacy businesses.

Optevia is a UK consultancy and CRM specialist and works through the cloud in an as-a-service model. The terms of the deal are being kept secret.

It’s no surprise that IBM is looking to compensate for the change to its core business, but then it has a history of evolving as the market requires and ensuring it comes out of the other side if not smiling, then surviving. It’s now over a decade since it stopped making the IBM-compatible PC, or rather commissioning it, as the company had abandoned building hardware for its lower-spec machines.

It then moved further into consultancy and services and has most recently become a major player in the outsourcing market – although a company of that size can be identified as a “major player” from several different angles and in several different markets.

Optevia is now set to become part of IBM’s global business division. It will be quite a surprise if it remains focused on the UK market as it is now.

“By acquiring Optevia, IBM will be able to provide public sector clients and prospects with a range of unique, industry focused CRM based solutions. This strategic acquisition will help strengthen IBVM as a SAAS provider and global software integrator,” said Joanna Davinson, IBM public sector leader for Europe in a press release.