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Mexican data leaks onto Amazon cloud

Look, we’re not going to start the week by going all Donald Trump on you, but maybe the Mexicans wouldn’t be so badly off if someone built a wall around them? That’s if it were a firewall – IB Times reported late last week that 93.4m voter records were found unencrypted on an Amazon Web Services server.

Whoops. No harm done on this occasion by the looks of things and it was taken offline at the end of last week, but there were a lot of personal details included. The question is how it got there.

Alex Cruz Farmer, VP of Cloud at NSFOCUS IB, said: “This is a significant breach, and what makes it worse is that the data was being held outside of Mexico. Mexico has quite strict data governance rules, whereby data must be kept within Mexico and, if it is exported for any reason, the data owner must have the authority of the data subject before the data can be exported. In this instance, it’s clear that the data has landed on an Amazon Web Services server somewhere in the world. Knowing their geographical regions well, AWS today do not have any locations in South America. The concern over what the data could be used for is extremely distressing. In the last month alone, there has been more than 200+ million personal records leaked, security must become a priority.”