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The MoD just switched to Microsoft Cloud (so you probably can too)

Microsoft’s finally opened its first UK-based data centres – in London, Cardiff and Durham – meaning companies that are legally required to store data locally can now safely upgrade to the company’s Cloud, including platforms like Office 365 and Azure.

The Ministry of Defence is among the first organisations to ditch its legacy systems in favour of the “value for money and security” of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft says its system is compliant with the international standard for cloud privacy, ISO 27018, and it was among the first tech companies to get on board with the controversial EU-US Privacy Shield to protect EU citizens’ data post-Snowden.

The ISO standard contains rules for compliant providers around data sovereignty, handling of PII and requests from third parties for your data.

Cindy Rose, chief exec of Microsoft UK, said: “With our trusted cloud now delivered locally, and our commitment to principles of security, privacy, transparency, compliance, and availability, we are well placed to support the digital transformation of organisations throughout the country.”