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MSPs are struggling to keep pace with customer demand

Managed service providers are struggling to keep pace with customers’ needs, as demand for cloud and security solutions soars.

Over half (57 per cent) of MSPs are finding it more difficult to satisfy customers now than 12 months ago, a survey commissioned by ConnectWise indicates. Meanwhile, two-fifths (43 per cent) say increasing demand is proving “too much” to handle.

“The race to the top of the MSP sector is already underway and MSPs will have to develop, innovate and adapt to ever changing technological and business conditions as fast as they can, if they want to keep up,” said ConnectWise’s VP for international sales Greg Lalle.

“But in the rush to scale up service delivery, organisations must not lose sight of the fact that building a sustainable and profitable business is also dependent on identifying the right solution strategy and maintaining a strong customer focus.”

Earlier this year, ConnectWise launched new cloud and security management solutions in a bid to simplify how technology teams bill their clients. The platforms were designed to let MSPs manage a number of different solutions from “a single pane of glass”.

Businesses’ growing appetite for cloud computing services has driven a dramatic rise in earnings for Amazon and Microsoft in particular. In April, AWS posted a 49 per cent rise in sales in the last quarter. Sales of Microsoft Azure rose by 93 per cent over the same period.