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NetApp drives van insurance contract

Cloud business NetApp has secured the data storage contract at Autonet Insurance, one of the UK’s largest specialist van insurers.

The insurer wants to use the (presumably) more responsive system to improve customer service levels. It has a turnover of more than £130m per annum and handles over 1.2m customer calls and a quarter of a million customer policies per year.

The result of this amount of data was a slowing in response times so it looked to reset its infrastructure, coming to NetApp through its partner LIMA. It opted for an all-flash system which sped things up and also reduced the downtime due to the lack of moving parts in the storage system.

It means customer transactions are finished in under a second instead of having to wait for the computer; Nik Potts, Head of IT, Autonet Insurance said: “With this new solution in place, we have seen great improvement in our customer experience, both for the agents and for the customers themselves, and this is something that really differentiates us within the market. Thanks to NetApp, we have seen an increase in online sales.”