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Public sector tech leaders see value in cloud, but spend “too much time fixing it”

IT leaders in the public sector see the value in cloud computing, but spend too much time fixing it because they do not invest enough resources upfront, new research suggests.

A survey of tech professionals working across the UK public sector found that 95 per cent consider cloud computing to be one of the five most important tools in their technology strategy. However, more than half (58 per cent) believe their systems are not performing at “optimum levels”.

Nearly three quarters (73 per cent) spend more than a quarter of their time reactively optimising performance, but less than half (47 per cent) spend the same amount of time proactively making improvements.

“Without having the time, strategy and budget to get core systems working first, it is no surprise that public sector entities are taking longer to adopt and benefit from the Government’s Cloud First policy than perhaps was originally hoped,” said Paul Parker, chief technologist of federal and national government at SolarWinds, which conducted the research.

A study by SolarWinds publish earlier this year found that less than a third of NHS trusts (30 per cent) and less than two thirds of central government departments (61 per cent) had adopted public cloud systems.