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Rubrik’s making data recovery something you might actually want to think about

Right now, if you’re involved with decisions around how your company does data back up and recovery, you might well be dealing with several different providers at once.

“There’s a huge market that’s been ignored,” says Chris Wahl, tech evangelist at Rubrik, a data management software provider that’s just arrived in Europe.

“This just wasn’t considered a glamorous part of data centres so companies are often stitching different solutions together. It’s always just been thought of as pretty boring.”

Boring it might be, but the industry is valued by IDC to have been worth $6bn worldwide in 2014. Although 2015 figures are not yet available, IDC analyst Phil Goodwin told NS Tech that its forecast projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% to 2019.

This compares to an overall IT spending growth forecast of 2.4% CAGR.

Whether you’re tied up with ransomware, your product has a glitch, or someone’s just messed up your backend, this is a pretty crucial area for all industries as they grow digitally.

That might be why early Hootsuite and Snapchat investor Bipul Sinha, now co-founder and CEO of Rubrik, is bringing his company to Europe for the first time.

What he says Rubrik offers that others don’t is a simple, design-orientated platform that automatically backs up, instantly recovers, lets you replicate your files, de-dupes and provides for “infinite” scale.

And rather than taking a team of highly certified data architects days or even weeks to put together your chosen solutions, Sinha reckons you can have Rubrik going in just an hour.

“If you can use Twitter – you can use Rubrik,” he says.

It’s been built to emulate the success of consumer tech leaders like Google and Facebook – indeed, its team includes engineers from these companies.

Rubrik was just named one of Gartner’s ‘Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies’, which is a thing, of course.

Analyst Pushan Rinnen says: “It’s cool because it can simplify enterprises’ complex backup infrastructures by implementing agentless, policy-based backup management and backup storage tiering, leveraging external low-cost storage, such as cloud, for long-term retention.”

But that accolade wasn’t without caveat.

“While Rubrik has created a scalable appliance technology foundation, its data management functions and support matrix are not as rich and wide as many backup software competitors.”

It currently only supports VMware backup, not Microsoft SQL or Linux servers, and on the cloud-based backend, it only supports Amazon S3-compliant setups.

Rubrik says it’s only after mid-sized to large enterprise clients, boasting 50 paying clients including a “huge social media company”. NS Tech thought Facebook, but Sinha wouldn’t comment.

“Although Rubrik has deployments in large enterprises, it may be most relevant today for midsize organizations that run Windows and Linux applications on VMware and are looking for simple backup tools to reduce backup infrastructure complexity,” Rinnen adds.

The Palo Alto-based company is backed to the tune of $51m from massive Greylock Partners, as well as Sinha’s former VC firm Lightspeed Venture Partners.

No doubt it’ll be building out the additional functionality that Gartner feels it’s missing if demand requires it.