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Samsung’s cloud aims at Internet of Things

Samsung has developed a new cloud service aimed squarely at the Internet of Things (IoT) market. The Artik cloud service is named after the tiny chips the company makes for wearables and other technologies that won’t accommodate the larger variety.

Given that it involves cloud, Internet of Things and an awful lot of other buzzwords, the Register has taken its usual cynical view of matters but it’s reasonable enough to join most of these things up (at New Statesman Tech we tag the stories appropriately, but is this about cloud, security, Big Data? We suspect the readers won’t worry that much).

The issue with connected non-computing devices at the moment is that there is no over-arching set of protocols with which to connect them up, which makes the process ungainly. Samsung hopes its new service will go some way to making things (or Internet of Things) more straightforward.

It will also look into security; once objects as well as computers are connected, such as connected cars, the possibility of their being hacked opens up. In the US there has already been an instance of a car being hacked and stopped; extend that to the emergency service vehicles and you can see that we’d better get the security right on these devices, pronto.