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Should cloud companies stop competing?

Cloud companies are competing too much and need to move towards a model of co-operative competition – or “co-opetition”, as it’s sometimes called. That’s the contention of an article on ZDNet, which suggests cloud companies are serving their clients poorly by reducing their operations to a set of turf wars.

The article suggests that although Google might announce a major new customer from time to time, once you dig a little you find that Amazon Web Services still has a major stake in the implementation.

It concludes that a “zero sum” game doesn’t exist and that the reality is rather more nuanced. One company winning a contract doesn’t necessarily mean another has lost it completely.

In our view this is the case but it always has been. Journalists, including your correspondent, are often trained to look to see who’s been ousted from a contract while a new incumbent enters the fray; we’re career journalists rather than IT professionals, however, and our brief is to tell a relatively simple story in a short space of time.

The best guess we can make says the position has always been more nuanced and subtle than that.