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Sony pushes into 3.3 terabyte territory with optical drive

You think a technology has reached its limit, and then it surprises you – so it is in the case of optical storage. Sony has just announced a 3.3 terabyte optical drive (there was a clue in the headline), jointly developed with Panasonic.

It’s going to be cheaper than the current optical drives, and at the same time will double the capacity. It also offers eco-friendly operation, which is pretty much essential for any modern technology hoping to get into the corporate world.

It’s based on the company’s Optical Disk Archive system. “Optical Disc Archive is one of our most modular technologies,” said Robbie Fleming, Product Manager, Sony Professional, Sony Europe. “It can scale from a tabletop drive accepting a single cartridge at a time up to a library that supports petabytes of data. This technology crosses a number of markets and applications, and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual organisations.”

The new drive is credited with a 100-year shelf life, so presumably you need to tell the grandchildren where you kept the receipt.