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VMware teams up with AWS to roll out its hybrid cloud offering in Europe

VMware Cloud on AWS is now available outside the US for the first time, with the service being rolled out to firms in the Amazon Web Services London Region.

The move comes six months after the service was launched in the US and is aimed at making it easier for firms to migrate to and deploy workloads in the hybrid cloud. It is expected to appeal to those who need to host their data locally, to reduce latency and comply with data protection rules.

“We’ve seen tremendous interest from our global customer base and multi-national enterprises,” said Mark Lohmeyer, vice president and general manager of VMware’s Cloud Platform Business Unit. “Customers across virtually every industry are adopting VMware Cloud on AWS because it gives them a scalable, operationally consistent hybrid cloud.”

VMware said the service would be rolled out to Frankfurst and Asia-Pacific later this year. It has already been taken up by customers in healthcare, transportation, financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, government, education, professional services and technology.

“Working together, VMware and AWS are delivering deeper AWS integration so that customers won’t have to manage their own storage and database services,” said Matt Garman, vice president of AWS Compute Services.

VMware also announced a series of new features for the service, including a new hybrid cloud extension service that lets businesses move large-scale workloads across different data centres. Raghu Raghuram, chief operating officer for products and cloud services at VMware, said the need to support a complex set of application is driving cloud adoption.

He added: “VMware Cloud gives customers unprecedented flexibility to develop any type of application, deploy these apps to any cloud, and deliver them to any device while leveraging a consistent infrastructure across clouds and a consistent set of operations across any cloud.”