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Zadara expands Storage as a Service by second sourcing

Enterprise-class Storage as a Service (STaaS) supplier Zadara is moving further into the market and offering more capacity through a deal with the Headwaters Group.

The new arrangement is based on Zadara’s Virtual Private Storage Array. The idea is to appeal to organisations which are increasingly facing the fact that allocating capital to large storage array expenditures just isn’t adding up to a good business plan. The devices depreciate quickly and the model doesn’t scale.

This has led to a boom in cloud technology for the storage market and this requires new metrics for measuring the outcomes. “We are seeing a tremendous shift in how clients purchase IT hardware and software,” said Mark Ziskind, founder and chief storage architect at Headwaters Group, in a statement. “The convergence of megatrends like cloud computing, managed services, and the Internet of Things is disrupting traditional business models within IT. Our Clients expect lower cloud prices paid out of their ‘OpEx’ budgets. Moreover, they will only pay for these services if they successfully achieve the business value offered by technology solution.”

The current shape of the market is one in which users see changes happening on their devices, and so assume any new request they put in is easy to implement; meanwhile the IT professionals managing the infrastructure have to ensure it’s highly available, optimised and of course compliant.

“We are excited to be joining efforts with Headwater Group,” said Bob Sarubbi, vice-president, Americas sales, at Zadara Storage, in the official announcement. “Combining the industry-leading professional services and consulting expertise of Headwater Group with the Zadara Storage platform now provides struggling IT organisations with practical solutions to the data storage challenges.”