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Broadband UK falls behind

Research from Uswitch suggests that Hull is the worst city in the UK if you want a broadband connection but never mind the “who’s the worst” headlines. The big news has to be that only 22 cities in the UK have reached broadband speeds of 24Mbps, not including London and Edinburgh.

That’s what the release says, so we’re guessing it means 24 cities in the UK have those speeds.

It has implications for remote workers and also for inward investment into the UK. There isn’t much point in trying to spin this positively. We need to speed up to be competitive.

Paul Evans, CEO of Internet speeder-upper Boosty, which works by building mobile broadband into fixed lines, said:  “The truth remains that fixed broadband can prove difficult to rollout across the UK, requiring considerable engineering in order to extend fibre lines to urban homes and businesses. However, mobile phone coverage has grown exponentially over recent years and is only set to increase. This trend has created an opportunity for a hybrid access model that combines 4G signals with fixed line broadband to deliver faster and more reliable broadband to the home and workplace. This model is resilient enough to deliver the equivalent of a fibre broadband connection.”

Take the vested interest caveats as read of course. Nonetheless, UK plc needs to do something if it’s going to stay competitive.