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Cloud policies in disarray

Loads of companies have woken up to the benefits of the cloud but huge numbers have no strategy around it so they’re missing the cost benefits, according to new research from VM Turbo.

One of the headline figures in the data is that smaller companies in the US are budgeting around $146,605 for planned private cloud builds, but reporting $898,508 as the actual figure they spend. That would mean they’re underestimating the cost by almost exactly a factor of six.

Also the majority of enterprises plan to have a hybrid approach in which they have both public and private cloud technology operational but they haven’t put any strategy behind it so it’s unlikely to reach its full potential; meanwhile 35% have no private cloud strategy and 27% no strategy for public cloud technology.

To us it looks like the dotcom boom all over again: “we’ll do technology, that will sort it out” has never been and will never be a substitute for a business plan.