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Cognizant predicts the future of the workplace

Cognizant has issued a new report entitled “People – Not Just Machines – Will Power Digital Innovation“, which looks into how the workplace is likely to shape up in the coming years. The findings, as the title suggests, are a lot more about people than about technology.

The digest version would be that employers need to focus on recruiting for skills that are uniquely human, as robotics will take over a lot of repetitive tasks. Physical office space will shrink as virtual working takes over more and more (yes we do know Yahoo! and others have backtracked on that, but the trend is established). There will be a digital talent skills gap, too: there is a lot more on the link above.

Individual observation also suggests there will need to be learning of more skills than the obviously digital in order to cope with a digital environment. For example, people often use video conferencing and they speak in the same manner as if they were present in person, whereas to keep attention on the screen you need to be clearer and a little more animated than usual. Management, too, needs support in working with a workforce it won’t be able to see – the trust issues alone are colossal.

New Statesman Tech acting editor Guy Clapperton is co-author of “The Smarter Working Manifesto“.