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Few enterprise companies trust their internet provider for security

Do you think your Internet Service Provider (ISP)’s security precautions are good enough? If you do, you could be in a minority according to the Inquirer. Only one in ten enterprises think their ISP has sufficient protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The online publication is reporting on a survey from Corero Network Security, which specialises in protection against (you’d never guess) DDoS attacks. Vested interests aside, though, it’s an issue worth noting; the smaller enterprise in particular is utterly dependent on the skills offered by third parties, and the clients don’t seem happy.

Corero asked over 100 respondents, which sounds like a relatively small sample, but the trend was pretty clear: 46 per cent of customers were so reluctant to trust the ISPs that they put their messages through a manual process which would work, but slow the business down massively.

New Statesman Tech would be very interested to hear whether this view of ISPs was typical.