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Inadequate training hits tech industry

The IT industry is going to end up short of expertise not only because young people aren’t entering it (as our interview with CompTIA established on Friday) but because according to new research from freelance website Upwork many employees have had no technical training from their employer for the last three years.

In fact the total number of IT professionals without training for three years was pegged at 36 per cent, so a little more than a third. We can take Upwork’s vested interests – it’s bound to be promoting the use of freelance people – as read, but it’s a striking number.

By contrast, 97 per cent of the people questioned said they felt keeping up to date with technology was a vital part of their job (as they’re in the technology department we wonder what the other three per cent were thinking). Some 70 per cent of the employers in question said they thought developments were coming too quickly for them to allow their employees to keep up.

Which, as long as they don’t mind their businesses working on the IT equivalent of Betamax, is probably OK.